Letter of Inquiry

The Cailloux Foundation does not make grants or loans to individuals or groups that are not 501(c) (3) nonprofit organizations.

A letter of inquiry must precede a formal grant proposal. The Grant Guidelines section describes in detail the focus and objectives of the Foundation as well as the kind of activities it will not consider. The Foundation has geographic boundaries for grant making. Only grant proposals originating in Kerr and the surrounding communities (Gillespie, Bandera, Edwards, Real, and Kimble Counties) will be considered. Please review the grant guidelines carefully before submitting a letter of inquiry.

The purpose of the letter of inquiry is to determine if an organization and its proposal fit within the Foundation’s eligibility guidelines before the organization expends resources to put together a full proposal.

The Foundation discourages pre-application meetings, preferring to schedule any needed meetings after a full grant application has been received. The Foundation does not respond to general solicitations.

Letters of inquiry must be submitted online.

Click here to access the Online Application System.