The Cailloux Foundation Awards Twenty Scholarships for 2015

May 2, 2015

KERRVILLE— The Cailloux Foundation (the Foundation) in Kerrville, Texas, will award 20 college scholarships to area students this month. The 2015 recipients have been chosen from high schools in Bandera, Barksdale (Nueces Canyon High School), Center Point, Fredericksburg, Harper, Junction, Kerrville (Tivy), Mason, and Medina. Awards are up to $14,000 per recipient annually and are for undergraduate study only. The scholarships are renewable for up to four years for a maximum multi-year award of $56,000 per student. The 2015-2016 program will have 88 freshmen through senior level students participating as scholarship recipients enrolled in four-year public or private colleges or universities in Texas.

“Last year we increased to 20 awards in honor of the Foundation’s 20th anniversary and we plan to continue giving at that level for this important program,” said Ben Modisett, Assistant Executive Director for the Foundation.

The new scholarship recipients include John Carpenter Derry and Corey Lee Jennings from Bandera High School, Jazmine Lescuer and Kenzie Morgan Smith from Center Point High School, Molly Katherine Adams from Fredericksburg High School; Angela N. Pascarella from Harper High School; Chenoa Kay Bedford from Junction High School, Madelyn Emaree Glentz and David Brian Hill from Mason High School; Francis Jacob Herron from Medina High School; Jose Guadalupe Gonzales from Nueces Canyon High School in Camp Wood; as well as Mason Andrew Carter, Laurah Celeste Lopez, Sarah Caitriona “Katie” McCarty, Rachel Elysia McCormick, Philip Montgomery “Monty” McKeon, Brienna Belle McKinney, Scott Nathanial “Nathan” Raggo, Sarah Allyson Smith and Kate Jones-Waddell from Tivy High School.

The applicants met or exceeded a minimum Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score requirement of 1022, or a minimum American College Test (ACT) score of 22. They also have a minimum grade average of 85 and are in the top one-third of their class. Scholarship applications were made available to any interested senior graduating from an eligible high school who met the academic and financial eligibility requirements. Eligible high schools include Bandera High School, Big Spring Charter School near Leakey, Center Point High School, Comfort High School, Fredericksburg High School, Harper High School, Heritage School in Fredericksburg, Ingram’s Tom Moore High School, Junction High School, Leakey High School, Mason High School, Medina High School, Nueces Canyon High School near Barksdale, Our Lady of the Hills Regional Catholic High School in Kerrville, Rocksprings High School, Tivy High School in Kerrville, and Utopia High School. The scholarship application is available on the Internet through the Foundation’s website from early November through the end of March each year.

The selection of scholarship recipients was overseen by International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. (ISTS) of Nashville, TN. ISTS utilized standard comprehensive recipient selection procedures in making the final selections including the consideration of past academic performance, financial need, statement of career goals, educational aspirations, work experience, unusual personal or family circumstances, leadership skills, participation in school and community activities, recommendation letters, and an essay. For more information about scholarships or the Foundation contact us.

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The 20 recipients of the 2015 scholarships

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