January 22, 2015

The Cailloux Foundation is the founding sponsor of the Kerrville CHALK Festival, which will take place June 6th and 7th on Peterson Plaza in downtown Kerrville, Texas. Procedes from the Festival will benefit the historic Schreiner Mansion.

KERRVILLE—The Kerrville Chalk Festival, a celebration of art, family and community in downtown Kerrville, will be held June 6 and 7, 2015 on Peterson Plaza. The sidewalks of the Plaza will become a festive canvas for Kerrville artists, as well as invited guest artists from around the State. The Festival will provide local artists, experienced street painters, children, as well as the general public an opportunity for artistic expression. No admission fee will be charged. Through sponsorships of the artwork, this annual Festival will raise funds to benefit local nonprofit organizations. It is fitting that Schreiner University’s historic Schreiner Mansion, also on the Plaza, has been chosen as the recipient for the first Festival. All proceeds from the Festival will go toward a new elevator. The open expanse of the second floor at the Mansion is only accessible by stairs, limiting its use by those who are physically disabled.
The two-day Festival will also include a Community Mural. Live music and an array of food trucks, downtown shops and eateries will create an exciting event. Youth groups, companies, churches and nonprofit organizations are encouraged to sign up for a teambuilding experience as they work to create a work of art or volunteer as a group to support the event. The Festival will provide companies and groups opportunities to promote their brand by sponsoring a square at this highly visible Festival.

The tradition of chalk art, or street painting as it is also know, began in 16th century Italy with itinerant artists, many of whom had been brought into the cities to work on the huge cathedrals. When the work was done, they would often recreate the paintings of the Madonna on the pavement for alms. They became known as “I Madonnari.” For centuries I Madonnari reproduced simple images with crude materials such as tile, coal and chalk until World War II disrupted their traditions. In 1972, street painting was rejuvenated by the formation of a festival in Grazie di Curttone, Italy and today this art-form is recognized in festival and celebrations all over the world. The creation of a large, intricate chalk painting may take hours or days to complete- only to be gone after the next rain. The artists will tell you that the process is more important than the finished piece and that spectators are a vital part of this artistic process as they view the work as it emerges to final form.
Henry Darnell, of Dallas, Texas is a professional artist working in animated films and visual effects for more than 20 year and will be the featured street artist for the event. Darnell has created physical miniatures, puppets and props for film and television. He made the transition to digital modeling during a 12 – year career at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Darnell’s film credits include; Beetlejuice, Throw Momma from the Train, Scrooged, The Rocketeer, The Abyss, True Lies, Honey I Blew Up the Kid, Starship Troopers, Stuart Little, Stuart Little II, The Haunted Mansion, Castaway, What Lies Beneath, The Attack of the Chubb Chubbs, Open Season, Beowulf, The Polar Express, Big Fish, G-Force and The Watchmen. He supervised and provided character models for animated film shorts for The Presidents Emergency Program for Aids Relief at Warner Brothers Studios and recently held the post of Head of Modeling at Animation Lab in Jerusalem, Israel. He assisted the studio in revue, refinement and documentation of tools, techniques and work-flows. As a hands-on supervisor Darnell provided models for a teaser reel and digital maquettes for the animated feature P.L.A.N.T.S.

Proceeds from this year’s event will benefit the Schreiner Mansion, designed by well-known architect Alfred Giles and completed in 1897. It was the last home of local pioneer Captain Charles Schreiner and is listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks. Today, the Mansion serves as a downtown presence for Schreiner University, a venue for lectures, concerts and historical displays such as the upcoming “Vaquero: Genesis of the Texas Cowboy Exhibition”, which will open in February. See Schreiner.edu/Mansion for more information including an events calendar.

The Cailloux Foundation in Kerrville, TX is the founding sponsor for the Festival. The Foundation’s mission is to perpetuate the vision of founders Floyd A. and Kathleen C. Cailloux. The City of Kerrville is also a sponsor for the Festival. For more information about becoming a sponsor for the Kerrville Chalk Festival, volunteering for the Festival, or creating a street painting with a group or as an individual at the event go to http://www.kerrvillechalk.org or contact us. Visit the Kerrville Chalk Festival Facebook page for updates.

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